Imagery and Original Art Direction by Gavin Guidry
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The Atlanta Black Agency Directory was created for one reason: To help Black owned agencies in Atlanta generate incremental revenue. Full stop.

To achieve this goal The A Pledge is requesting all Atlanta based Black owned agencies to take 7 minutes to complete the Black Agency Directory.

The benefits for investing 7 minutes of your time are straightforward:

First, Brand Awareness. The A Pledge will promote the Black Agency Directory locally and nationally; thereby bringing more Brand Awareness of your firm and other Black owned agencies in Atlanta to brands and organizations seeking agency resources.

Secondly, Strategic Partnerships. Your agency will become acquainted with other Black owned firms in our beloved city with whom you may forge strategic partnerships to secure larger pieces of business together. Additionally, there are non-black owned firms seeking strategic partnerships with Black owned agencies who will learn about your firm.

Sabrina Merritt, The A Pledge Black Agency Committee Co-Chair and Founder + CEO of October Social Media, a firm that provides social media and digital marketing solutions for brands in regulated industries and government agencies, says, “I wish I’d had a resource like the Black Agency Directory to aid in the growth of my business opportunities when I launched my firm 8 years ago. Achieving success as a black agency owner is not only about growing my business, it’s also about creating pathways to business opportunities and generational wealth for other Black agency owners as well. I am proud to be a part of the team leading this initiative for The A Pledge.”

About The A Pledge
The A Pledge is a call to Atlanta advertising and marketing agencies to come together in a committed effort to create inclusive opportunities within our industry. Over the next decade, we will make the changes needed to ensure our teams reflect the diversity of our community. As we do, we will see systemic opportunity grow in our industry, our city, and our nation.

Join the Atlanta Black Agency Directory.